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Physiotherapy & Sports Therapy Clinic based in Coalville, Leicestershire

We offer a range of professional services from shockwave therapy, Physiotherapy and sports massage.

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Our Facilities

Get world-class treatment without waiting.


AB Sports Therapy is a leading provider of Physiotherapy and sporting rehabilitation. With over 10 years of experience, the award winning team at AB Sports Therapy help the general public get the treatment and relief they deserve. You get the same level of care and attention as when deal with elite athletes and teams.

Specialising in a wide range of therapies such as: - Sports Injury, Rehabilitation and Preventative Treatment , Specialist Physiotherapy - Muscle Tension, Spasm and Pain all whilst utilising the very latest treatment methods. 

We can treat most conditions and you do NOT have to be an athlete (or exercise) for us to help you. We are open to the general public all the way up to elite athlete's. 

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With over 1000+ clients treated, our reputation is built on providing professional support and rehabilitation with world class facilities at an affordable cost to all. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your treatment options. Alternatively use the button below to book an initial consultation.

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Proudly Accredited with Most Major Healthcare Providers

We can provide Physiotherapy through most healthcare providers and cash plans. This needs to be booked with our HCPC Physiotherapist ONLY. If you are unsure or need pre authorisation , please contact us prior booking.

Our Services

Injury Assessment / Specalist Physiotherapy

A one to one appointment to find the excact problem.

Our team will assess and diagnosis in order to find the real reason to why you are limited, in
pain and struggling.

Then we will guide you throughout the process with effective treatment and advice , along with  a specific home rehab program.

Sports and Soft Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage and manipulation techniques such as scraping and trigger point therapy to relieve knots and helps speed up the recovery process.

Our soft tissue treatments have been a stable of the business for years and helps you feel good, keep active and help sports performance.

This is also booked as a popular treat for a loved one!

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a non-surgical treatment, and works by delivering impulses of energy,
targeted to specific damaged tissues within the abnormal tendon, cells and tissues.


A State of the art specialist treatment that is approved by The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

Provides long term chronic healing.


Acupuncture needles can be placed where the injury occurred in the muscle or
tissue, and also the surrounding areas.


Their insertion provides a minor trauma to the skin,
which stimulates the production of pain-relieving chemicals both locally at the trauma site,
and at the brain and spinal cord level.

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